September 11 2023 – Ammad Arshad

Summers are getting hotter each season and the consequences of harsh weather conditions continue.

Here are some dermatologist suggested guides on how to retain your complexion , keep skin hydrated , bright , remove dullness , tan and impurities during the summer season. ORIOR is a well-known skincare brand that has gained the trust of many and it has some summer perfect daily essentials that would help you to shine bright even in extreme heat.

  1. Always wear your sunscreen. Sun Rays can be very damaging for the skin as they can cause sun burns which may lead to bigger skin problems. Wearing a perfect sun protection like ORIOR’s SPF 50++ would protect your skin against sun rays , improve your complexion, prevent pigmentation and acne. Its oil/sweat free formula with negligible white casts suits all skin types,  making the skin glows and hydrated. One must wear one full teaspoon of sunscreen on their face , covering all exposed areas and never forget the body !!

  2. During summers skin sheds more dead cells , oils , and sweat that results in pore clogging which may cause massive breakouts. Lets get it straight, everyone wants a glows and clear skin in summers along with beach bodies. A way to cater to this problem is that you must cleanse your face twice ;  once before you start your day followed by a good moisturizer, serum and spf and once at night before going to bed followed by a good night time skincare routine. ORIOR FOAMING GEL CLEANSER is a great fit to your concerns as it has benzoyl peroxide that reduces acne production and clears clogged pores. The silicon brush helps in mild exfoliation to remove the build-up accumulated throughout the rough hot summer days. Using this cleanser will not only clear your skin but it will also help you to maintain skin complexion.

  3. A common myth is that “you do not need a moisturizer in summers’ ‘. Lets break away from this myth and look at the reality. In summers, we sweat more hence the moisture in our skin isn’t retained. To keep your skin hydrated and youthful, a moisturizer in your daily routine is a must. ORIOR’s ALOEVERA GEL is the best moisturizer for summers as it is organic, sweat free , non-greasy , water-based and easy to apply. It will not only maintain your skin’s moisturizer , but also make it glows , bright and acne free.

  4. Exfoliation and Facials are 2 things that can really rejuvenate your skin in summers. ORIOR’S FACIAL KIT is all you need this summer to relax and give your skin a break by mildly massaging the amazing products into your skin , helping it to rejuvenate and enhance. A facial can be best suitable once every month. Trust me , your skin needs that.

  5. Yes , we will talk about makeup. As mentioned earlier , thick foundations and powders can result in pore clogging which may hinder the ability of your skin to breath through in heat. The accumulation of makeup will give you acne and may cause acne marks. A fix to this is to mix  light to medium coverage foundation with ORIOR’S SPF 50++. Apply a layer of ORIOR ALOEVERA GEL underneath so that the makeup does not clog your pores. Apply your foundation mix , set your makeup with ORIOR’S NATURE PICK TONER for hydration and you are good to go !

Here are some tips and tricks that would help your skin breath in these hot summers. A good skincare routine is a key for fresh mood but you must maintain a healthy lifestyle like drinking 2 liters of water daily , exercising , eating healthy and staying fresh so that the skin glows from within.