Facial Kit with Bleach Kit

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This kit is the perfect gift to your skin because it contains all skincare essentials that will make your skin visibly clear and glowing. This kit contains 8 steps, Milk cleanser which deeply cleanses the skin, Massage cream that relaxes the facial muscles, Brightening exfoliator removes the dead cells, Skin rejuvenator acts as a skin polish, Double cleanser removes dirt by leaving skin moisturized, Mud mask that brightens the complexion and bleaching kit. The facial kit is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone. If this Orior facial kit is used once in 15 days, you’ll see a visible difference in your skin as it becomes fresh and youthful.

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1 review for Facial Kit with Bleach Kit

  1. Mubashira

    Amazing kit amazing results ♥️

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