Sunscreen SPF 50++ 50 ml



Orior’s SPF 50++ is the best lightweight, non-greasy, and white cast-free sun protection that will make your skin refreshing and dewy.


  1. Protects skin against UV rays.
  2. Reduces the chance of pigmentation.
  3. Helps in reduction of freckle production.
  4. Prevents early skin aging.
  5. Reduces the risk of skin cancer.
  6. Provides glowy skin.
  7. Brightens the skin.


Take the desired amount and apply 15 minutes before sun exposure. Refresh the sunscreen after 2 hours for maximum protection.  The sunscreen can be used as base moisturizer for your makeup due to its dewy luxury formula that will help your makeup glide on perfectly.


Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide, Avobenzone, Perlite+ silica A, tocopherol (vitamin E)


EXPIRY: 12 months


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