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Why Orior's Vitamin C Serum?

    Orior's Vitamin C Serum is a clinically formulated rich skincare product that makes skin bright, firmer and plumper with stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is an amazing protein that makes you look younger and hydrated.

            Orior's Vitamin C Serum is suitable for following skin types

            • Dry skin
            • Oily skin
            • Combination skin

            NOTE: it is advised to do a patch test before use and check your vitamin C tolerance.

            Orior's Vitamin C Serum is best for following Skin Concerns

            • Mild pigmentation
            • Brightening
            • Uneven skin tone
            • Dull skin
            • Acne marks
            • Fine lines and wrinkles

            Who Can Use our Vitamin C Serum?

            • Men
            • Women
            • Teenagers

              When to use Orior's Serum?

              You can use Orior's Vitamin C Serum in the morning or night.

              In the morning it acts as an antioxidant protecting against

              environmental stressors throughout the day and at night

              it repairs skin and rejuvenation it.

              What are primary ingredients in our  C Serum

              There are 4 primary ingredients in our vitamin c serum which when combined show very effective results for skin repairing, skin brightening and younger looking skin.

              • Strawberry Extract
              • Vitamin C
              • Vitamin E
              • Hyaluronic Acid

              Strawberry Extract

              Strawberry Extract is rich in vitamin c and invigorates the skin by brightening the complexion and diminishing dark spots.

              Vitamin C

              Vitamin c controls excess oils and promotes collagen production which give you younger look so it has anti-aging benefits

              Vitamin E

              Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant shields against environmental stressors while nourishing and repairing damaged skin cells

              Hyaluronic Acid

              Hyaluronic acid has a moisture binding power so it promotes plumper and smother skin texture

              Follow these care instructions for our Vitamin C Serum

              • Seal properly to prevent it from air exposure
              • Use reasonably to get its full benefits
              • Keep it at cool and dry place (refrigerator)
              • Avoid direct sunlight which impact its efficiency

              Vitamin C Serum Total Quantity and Expiry Date

              • Total Quantity: 30 ML
              • Expiry Date: 12 Months after opening

                What Customer Speaks about our Vitamin C Serum

                Please Scroll the page bellow and see our customer’s reviews about our vitamin c serum we hope you will enjoy after using our product.

                We always appreciate your feedback about our products. If you purchase vitamin c serum and after using it

                Please leave your honest feedback so we can improve everything on your precious suggestion. Thanks for Reading and Purchasing! Happy Shopping!

                Customer Reviews

                Based on 18 reviews
                Best Vitamin C Serum So Far🥰

                Aoa i have used so many vita c serums but yours are on top loved the results so much xoxo 💕🍓

                Anjum Malik
                Excellent serum

                الحمد اللّٰه
                Made in Pakistan
                Excellent serum
                Results show in just few days Grt product of PAKISTAN

                Iqra Mehak
                Vitamin C Boost serum

                Honestly, I’ve been using this for 7 days and this has worked better than anything I’ve ever times for my face. 🤩

                Been using Orior Vitamin c boost serum Timewise moisturizer for a few days and already seeing and loving the difference!

                No skin irritation nor dryness when following this serum.

                I have combo/oily skin.

                Eman Emaan

                Amazing kamal ha ye serum ..mn bhtt brand k vatimin C serum use kiye hain pr orio kamal ha i love this

                Mahnoor Ijaz

                It an amazing product ,very light weight and does wonders for skin.


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                How to Use

                Step 1

                wash your face to clean impurities and dirt on your face

                Step 2

                Apply Orior’s facial toner to balance your face skin pH level

                Step 3

                Apply Pea size vitamin c serum on the face and neck

                Step 4

                gently massage into the skin until the serum is completely absorbed.

                Suitable for Following Skin Types

                For Dry Skin Type

                Vtamin c serum is good for dry skin type but it should be used with a moisturizer.

                For Oily Skin Type

                Vitamin c serum is good for oily skin type or other skin types likes combination skin but a patch test is a must

                Features Of Serum

                Vitamin E

                Vitamin C

                Strawberry Extract

                Hyaluronic Acid

                Best for following Skin Concerns

                • Mild pigmentation
                • Brightening
                • Uneven skin tone
                • Dull skin
                • Acne marks
                • Fine lines and wrinkles
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                Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

                Produce collagen which improves skin complexion

                Collagen Production also decreases fine lines and wrinkles

                Hydrates the skin due to binding of water molecule and Hyaluronic acid.

                Inhibit the production of melanin and brighten the skin

                Vitamin C helps reduce excess oil by regulating sebum production

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                Yes, ofcourse it reduces dark spotsin two ways.Firstly,it helps to regulate melanin production which is responsible for dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Secondly, it has antioxidants which help in new skin cell production and shedding old or damaged cells so, when the new cells replace the old cells the spots on skin diminished and ultimately reduce discoloration and hyperpigmentation

                Yes, Vitamin C serum reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the face by producing aspecial protein called collagen. This collagen protein is responsible for
                younger look.

                Our vitamin c serum contains 4 main ingredients which gives multiple advantage to your skin.Strawberry fruit extracts brighten your skin, vitamin e repairs your skin and removes acne marks, hyaluronic acidgives smooth and plumper look, while vitamin c control excess oil, improves complexion and gives younger looking skin.

                Yes, our vitamin c serum is good for dry skin type but it should be used with a moisturizer.

                Yes, our vitamin c serum is good for oily skin type or other skin types likes combination skin but a patch test is a must.

                Our vitamin C serum brightens your face, removes dark spots, and reduces hyperpigmentation and discoloration. It has anti-oxidants which reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a fresher,bright and youthful skin.

                Yes! Vitamin C has anti-aging benefits as it promotes the production of two proteins collagen and elastin.
                These both proteins are responsible of making our facial cell structure. Using vitamin c rich foods or using vitamin c rich skin care products can increase collagen and elastin production which ultimately make your face plumper and firmer thus reducing wrinkles and lines.

                Yes, Orior's Vitamin C serum is rich with vitamin e and vitamin c these both ingredients can help to control acne and remove acne marks. Actually the acne is caused by obstruction of skin pores with excess se bum

                (oily production) and dead skin cell. The excess sebum and dead skins cells block skin pores and trap bacteria inside them. These bacteria cause inflammation. Vitamin c balances the production of sebum (oil) and vitamin E repairs the damaged skin.